Reparations and Apologies

This is the assembly I collaboratively wrote and delivered with two other students at my school last Thursday, on the subject of apologies and reparations in geopolitics, and I thought I’d re-upload it to my blog. Enjoy!


The British Empire, colonialism and the slave trade were responsible for the perpetration of a vast array of atrocities. The theft of land, livelihoods, freedoms and ancient artefacts can all be traced back to this period of history. Despite this, the West’s profit from plundering these countries is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media, yet it is pervasive in all areas of our society. This raises the question of what responsibility do those in our society today have for the pain that was caused in the past? Does this wealth need to be returned? How can one possibly make-up for the horrendous human suffering that slavery not only facilitated but established? And is there any monetary value that could apologise for this? These questions are what we will be trying to discuss in this assembly. As I am sure you can already tell, it’s a highly complicated subject with no…

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Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome (zurück, de nouveau, back)

So I’m relaunching this blog.

This is the third time I’ve tried to “start afresh” on WordPress. The first was when I changed my blog title from “being10” to “Thought Orchard” (I know :s) because it is, of course, heresy to have a blog titled “being10” when you’re no longer 10 years old. The second was when, after a long period of neglecting all the thought trees (heh), I wanted to start blogging specifically about socialism and about politics in general. The articles which resulted from this decision can be found under the “political articles” tab on the sidebar. Now that I write in the newspaper of a political organisation, there isn’t really a need for me to use this space for political writing.

Ok…so what is this whole “nine clouds” thing about now? Why does WordPress, with its horrible new formatting and lazy spam filter, have this inexplicable magnetism which just draws me back in, every single time I swear that we are never ever ever getting back together?

I’ll admit it: I’ve got a bit of a homo oeconomicus (well, femina oeconomica) thing going on here. I’m thinking of using this blog as a platform for artistic, linguistic and literary output and musings as part of this “Arts Award” I’m doing at school. But I also genuinely love to write, and ever since I developed this obsession with politics and philosophy – which I still very much have – I’ve been forgetting about poetry and creative writing and photography and art and culture. Y’know, all that unscientific bourgeois stuff for which I have a counterrevolutionary guilty pleasure. Think of this blog as the online outpost of the Soviet for First-World Pastimes.

And another thing: the communist jokes shall never stop.