The basics

What’s your name?

Go away, you stalker.

How do you spell it?

I-T. You can’t fool me.

How old are you?

I turned 15 on August 29th, but in spirit I’m a grumpy old lady shaking her walking stick at people.

Where are you from?

Europe, and I adore every millimetre of this beautiful continent, from the languages and cultures and art to the goofy political correctness of Eurovision to the lovably inept supranational institutions. More specifically (and less proudly), I grew up on a rainy island with delusions of grandeur (no prizes for guessing which country that is) and am from the subcontinent.

What’s your sexual and gender identity?

Cis het female. Pedestrian, I know.

Which languages do you speak?

English (de facto native), French (fluent), Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian/whatever the heck, German, Spanish (all intermediate), Russian (beginner), Latin (though I technically can’t speak it) bits of Japanese and hopefully Arabic, Polish and Ukrainian one day. I also understand some Indian languages completely, as heritage languages (Hindi/Urdu, Gujarati) but my speech is limited.

What are you doing with your life?

Trying not to fail my IGCSEs, currently. In terms of the future, I’m trying to focus on writing more, getting back into singing and drama, learning more languages and getting involved with mental health-related causes, as that’s something about which I’ve been quite passionate lately. I have no idea what I’ll do career-wise because I’m literally interested in everything, but I do know for sure that I want to do something interdisciplinary.


Writing and blogging

Why “nine clouds”?

It was late at night and I thought it sounded artsy and cool. That’s literally all there is to it.

What’s this blog for?

Thoughts on art and literature, as well as original artistic and literary output, and perhaps the odd post on film, language or just life. Some political stuff is also archived here.

Why did you start it?

This post has all the answers.

Do you write elsewhere?

My room is filled with terrible (or incredibly personal, or most likely both) writing and poetry which no one will ever see. But apart from that, I have a few articles in this publication, do some guest articles here and there and am a translator on Wikipedia.

Any writing plans?

It’s a secret ^_^



Dinner table-unfriendly topics

Are you religious at all?

I was raised Jain (which is a religion for all intents and purposes, despite not technically being one) and half my family is Muslim, but I’m a strong atheist, physicalist and moral nihilist, so all-round godless. Although I have nothing against individual religious believers, I think society would generally be better off without religion or religious approaches, or at the very least without believers dragging their faith into politics or other people’s lives.

Moral nihilist, you say?

Yep. I wrote a post in early 2015 on that (which is now under ‘Political Articles’) but broadly, my ethical position is that moral statements are meaningless. Moral words – ‘right’, ‘wrong’, ‘justice’, ‘should’ – are words which I would like to obliterate from language altogether; they convey absolutely nothing except unfounded obligations, subjective interpretations and veiled motives. Ethics in general is a field whose very essence is systematic obfuscation.

What about the rest of philosophy?

I would say that applied philosophy – philosophy of science and maths, political philosophy and so on – is far more useful and fruitful than the more abstract sorts. Such philosophy allows us to make sense of sensible matters, and to organise and codify our thoughts on the cores of certain subject fields. But even metaphysics and epistemology, which are good exercises of consciousness but have less obvious practical uses, are at least meaningful at base. Unlike ethics, which can only produce nonsense.

 What is your political orientation?

I was a Marxist for two and a half years, and am still considerably influenced by the theory. But I no longer consider myself a Marxist in the economic sense, mostly because of my growing scepticism about predictions, the labour theory of value and the notion of classes whose interests are irreconcilable. I’m not sure where I stand economically at the moment, but I am still firmly internationalist, environmentalist and against any attempts to regulate people’s bodies or sexuality. I am also an unapologetic Europhile and strongly pro-EU for all its faults.

Are you a feminist?

I’m not anti-feminist per se, but I would distance myself from the ‘feminist’ label. I would prefer to say that I oppose the gender binary and the restrictive roles it entails and support a unified, cross-gender movement against such roles and the oppression they cause to everyone, rather than one which prioritises women’s issues or the fight against the so-called patriarchy. I think the idea of patriarchy is to gender politics what Marxist analysis is to economics: an oversimplified and ideology-driven picture of an incredibly complicated situation.






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