Three very different moodboards

Mood boards are visual art’s answer to ‘word vomit’: they’re a way, at least for me, to vomit ideas out onto a page in a haphazard yet somehow organised manner when no known visual art form will do them justice. Of course, they are used a lot more professionally than that in interior design and other such fields, but I prefer to keep them raw, as jumbled representations of vague ideas. I’m an amateur, deal with it.

The mood boards which I’m about to show you are pretty much the only semi-good things to ever have come out of my design technology classes, because like all art forms, design technology became rigid and dull as soon as the education system got its hands on it. But I got a rare taste of autonomy when making these mood boards. Here are the results:

1. Revolutionanarchy moodboard.PNG

Yes, this was made during my anarchist days (don’t judge me, you were an anarchist too at some point) and it was the product of sheer desire for something really badass. I had just finished binge-reading about anarchist resistance during the Spanish Civil War and was very much inspired by what I’d read, hence the logo of the CNT (Confederación Nacional del Trabajo) and the nods to anarcho-syndicalist symbolism. But this mood board would be better described as an ode to rebellion, to kickassery, than merely as an anarchist mood board. The leather, colour scheme and references to breaking free and making a mess in the process represent this.



2. A little piece of quiet

cosy moodboard

Remember when, all of a sudden, a trend for ornaments and cushions reading ‘love’, ‘home’ and other similarly cutesy phrases sprung into existence? That trend – well, perhaps the logical extension of that trend – was my inspiration for this mood board, which, needless to say, is a tribute to home comforts and everything kitsch and cosy. This is the kind of décor which makes you cringe, but which inexplicably makes you feel warm and fuzzy at the same time.


3. Stuck Inside of Mobile

memphis moodboard

The final mood board is based on one of my favourite art movements: Memphis. I’ve always had this dream of buying a tiny studio apartment tucked away in a corner of some European city and furnishing it all Memphis-style, with an eclectic mix of futuristic shapes and riotous colours. It’s going to happen one day.