Historical materialism.

A/N: This is a poem I wrote for a competition at school. The themes were “light” and “red”, and of course, you know what red brings to my mind…


When the first drop of light splashed

Onto the surface of nothing

The colours parted with the whole: red, yellow, green, blue

Each became impure

And each became real


When the first flames danced

On the plains of primitiveness

They were seductresses, enticing men with their grace and their touch

Man parted with the world of animals, instinct, brutality

And learnt to be strong, to be human


When the first lightbulb was switched on

In the darkness of ignorance

Casting its mellow white glow over the mysteries of nature

They’d tell us we’d parted with ignorance, with intolerance

And we learnt this new word: modernity


But when orange tongues lick the buildings

As crowds thunder through the streets

When rifles crack and order crumbles

And the red flag of rebellion flies

They tell us this is subversion


When really it is nothing

But continuation.