Reparations and Apologies

This is the assembly I collaboratively wrote and delivered with two other students at my school last Thursday, on the subject of apologies and reparations in geopolitics, and I thought I’d re-upload it to my blog. Enjoy!


The British Empire, colonialism and the slave trade were responsible for the perpetration of a vast array of atrocities. The theft of land, livelihoods, freedoms and ancient artefacts can all be traced back to this period of history. Despite this, the West’s profit from plundering these countries is hardly mentioned in the mainstream media, yet it is pervasive in all areas of our society. This raises the question of what responsibility do those in our society today have for the pain that was caused in the past? Does this wealth need to be returned? How can one possibly make-up for the horrendous human suffering that slavery not only facilitated but established? And is there any monetary value that could apologise for this? These questions are what we will be trying to discuss in this assembly. As I am sure you can already tell, it’s a highly complicated subject with no…

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